The Book: A Road to Truth from Texas-Najla Tammy Kepler

I wanted to improve my English skills 2 years ago and than my way intersected the book. I met who wrote this book. Actually it was interesting that see author who has a real own story. I was really appreciated to this meeting. I observed that she is so kind and has discipline. And then, my curosity increased. And I finished this book in this month.

A Road to Truth from Texas explains her spiritual journey from the beginning. How was she raised in a family? How is family members? How is her place? And how did her way become? How did she find her own way? with fluent manner of telling.

The book includes 8 chapters.

-In the beginning
-Still Searching
-A Crucial Turn
-The Signs
-Testing Faith
-Into the Light

She grown in religious family. The eldest daughter of a divorced family. They went to church every weekend. She learned valuable principles from her father.
*Practise what you preach.
*Two wrongs don’t make a right.
*Do unto others what you want done unto you.
*In whatever you do, give 110%.
*Be a peacemaker.
*Work can be fun… It’s all about attitude.

She started to ask: What were my right? What was the purpose of my life? What were the extents and limits of my liberty? What would make me happy? What path should I pursue to answer these questions?

She searched some truth in process.

What we do today affects our tomorrow and all the tomorrows to come! Each choice bears consequences! The path we choose today leads to our end!

What was her destination? She wanted to do her part in the world. She pursued.

After high school, she went to university. It was far from the family. She was alone. She wanted to design new life. When she met new person, she searched answer her questions.

She met someone and her way is proceeded. She searched and thought. She was finding answers to the search for meaning.

More details in a book.

With peace in our hearts :))

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