I called the soul yesterday

I called the soul yesterday
I passed from dead souls
Like walking around in a cemetery, nervous
I remembered
This is human, forget it
I forgot..
I remembered, but
To avoid thinking too much
Spacing to the door I closed and run.
My room was full with the air and I was relieved.
I remembered, but I forgot ..
My aim is not argueing
I laid out the carpet
I gave it to you.
I was a little bit you
Then I faltered
I was involved, I was calm
I called the soul yesterday
Yesterday was looked shiny
It's faint today.
When the feelings are smoky stuff
The weather changed.
I called the soul yesterday.
I travelled in the dead graveyard
They gave voice but they were dull
Sure as the unbelievable saying
The idea turned tornado 
The weather changed.
The wind entered the range through the door and
The door closed with a big loud noise. 
Everything was zeroed. 
They flied to eternity, tornado.
I'm out of the dead soul graveyard. 
My unique truth is these lights in the dark. 
In front of my eyes, the proof is not waiting
My unique truth is these lights in the dark.
On the vault, not shaky. 
My unique truth is my changing scale.

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