Becoming Tourist in Turkey-4: We searched for the fake hotel for 2 hours…Istanbul has the best transport system…The Turkish law minister hugged me..

1-Could you introduce yourself?

My name is Aizaz Khan from Pakistan. I am a doctor by profession. And my hobbies include traveling, photography, history and culture.

2-How did you decide to come Turkey for holiday?

Well, Turkey was number 1 on my list because of all the culture, history and tourism. Yet, there was an international conference for which i got selected from Pakistan. The conference had participants from all over the world. It was in Ankara. The PM also made a visit.

3-How long have you been Turkey and which cities you have visited?

I was in Turkey for 15 days visiting Antalya, Konya, Ankara and Istanbul. Konya was a city full of culture. The city of the great mewlana. Everything scented his spiritual wisdom. It was incredible to visit his doom.

tourist in istanbul

4- How have you observed these cities: Ankara, Konya, Antalya, Istanbul?

Ankara, Antalya and Istanbul are totally different from the rest of Turkey. These are very modern cities. But the amount of locations istanbul has to offer are just amazing.

5-Which places you have gone and liked in Istanbul?

The sultanahmet area was amazing with all the amazing locations. Visiting the different mosques was such a great experience. Prince islands were beautiful as well.

6-Did you like Turkish foods?

Yes, the food is amazing. The Turkish doner has to be my favourite food. The tastes were amazing. The amount of protein in turkish foods is jaw dropping.

7- What did you observe about Turkish culture?

Turkey has a distinctive culture with a touch of modernism to a touch of history and Islam. The best thing is the history and culture are preserved as they are, unlike the rest of the world.

8-Which side is common with Pakistan and Turkey?

Well we are brothers. Turkish people were in love with us. I was once stopped by a policeman and asked for a passport which I didn’t have at the moment, I told the policeman that i am a Pakistani after which he hugged me and called me his brother.
The Turkish law minister also hugged me when he came to know i am from Pakistan.

9- Was it easy to communicate with the public?

English is not widely spoken but we could communicate properly. Everywhere we would go, we would just say “Tesekkurler”. It was funny but amazing.

10-How was your accommodation?

The accommodation was nice and cheap and probably in the best neighbourhood of istanbul.
We also booked a hotel which came out to be fake haha. We searched for the hotel for 2 hours but couldn’t find it.

11-How is transportation?

Well, I have been to 6 countries. Hands down, istanbul has the best transport system in all these. The istanbul cart used for travelling was amazing.

12-What were the useful applications that you use in Turkey?

I used uber and

13-Did interesting events happen to you in Istanbul?

Yes lots of. The istiklal street was always filled with interesting events. Once, There was a local wedding and they were performing their traditional dance.

14-What would you say if you define the Turkey?

The country which has my heart and soul. The song describes it in a great way “ I am lost in istanbul.’’ What a treat is to be lost in istanbul.

15-How is becoming tourist in Istanbul for you?

It was very easy and convenient. The locals were amazing. Very helpful. One of them bought me a scarf and invited me home.

16-What were you thinking about Istanbul before you came? And now what are you thinking about Istanbul?

I was completely unaware of the beauty of istanbul. It was even more beautiful than the photos i had seen, everyone was also very friendly who invited me to their house for dinners, helped me find my hotels. Amazinggg!!!!

17- What do you offer to people who come to Istanbul?

Some travel tips and cheap places to eat;) kfcs and mcdonalds are cheaper👌🏻

Thanks for answers. Will waiting to Turkey again 🙂

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