Becoming Tourist in Turkey-3: My everyday routine started with Portakal ve Nar Suyu.. I got in a car crash in Turkey.. I was like a native in there

I did interview with my friend Mike Lvov who we met in the metro station in Kyiv. I and 2 Turkish friends were trying to explain some troubles about card in metro, and he spoke Russian to attendant and helped us. After his travelling, I directed my questions to him and we talked about how did he decide to come Turkey and how did he observe here, his experiments and more… I can say that he is almost Turkish 😉

1-Could you introduce yourself?

Hello, I’m Mike, 21 year old, who dropped out of two universities to work as a software engineer. I work and live in Kyiv, the food capital of the world.

2-How did you decide to come Turkey for holiday?

It was a sunny day of June, when I met three lost students in subway, who were stuck with buying their tickets. I helped them, not knowing which journey I’m going to experience because of that random meeting.

3-How long have you been Turkey and which cities you have visited?

I’ve been to Turkey for two weeks. During that time I’ve visited 3 cities, made many friends and got unbelievable amount of emotions.

Galata Tower

4-Which places you have gone and liked in Istanbul?

I think, I’ve visited all the possible sightseeing, but most memorable was Aya Sofia. I got goosebumps, when I saw that mix of Muslim and Christian religions.

5- Did you like Turkish foods?

You have really developed street food culture. So, most of the times I just grabbed smth new for me from street sellers and continued discovering Turkey. Btw my everyday routine started with ‘portakal ve nar suyu’

6- What did you observe about Turkish culture?

It is kinda similar to Slavic culture, a bit stricter and without alcohol.

7-Which side is common with Ukraine and Turkey?

We love our guests and treat them good, if they respect us and our culture.

8- Was it easy to communicate with the public?

It was really easy to start a dialogue with most of the people. I even got a present, which warms my heart till now, from an old couple after like 10-min dialogue.

9-How was your accommodation?

I should’ve chosen smth better, not a hostel.

Hagia Sofia

10-How is transportation?

Transportation is really comfortable and intuitive.

11-What were the useful applications that you use in Turkey?

Not app, but a person. Tuğba most of the time 🙂

12-Did interesting events happen to you in Istanbul?

I’ve mastered my Turkish so that waitresses in the restaurants couldn’t tell the difference. And I got in a car crash(not that serious, but still)

13-What would you say if you define the Turkiye?

Horse. Wife. Weapon.

Soup event

14-How is becoming tourist in Istanbul for you?

I don’t think I was tourist there. More like a native.

15-What were you thinking about Istanbul before you came? And now what are you thinking about Istanbul?

I didn’t have any expectations about it, wanted to experience this city by myself. Not disappointed at all.

16-Is Istanbul a place to live for you?

Yeah, probably for a few months in the future.

17-What do you offer to people who come to Istanbul?

To know local friends.

Thanks for sincere answers)


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