Becoming Tourist in Turkey-2

We talked about how is becoming tourist Turkey, what did she live in Turkey, her observations and experiments and more.. with my dear friend Ira Zhovtukha from Ukraine.


1-Could you introduce yourself?

I’m Ira, from Ukraine, Kyiv. Now, I’m 22 and I suppose a nice Ukrainian Tugba’s friend. My field of study is marketing and advertising business. Also I like travelling, exploring the world, watching series and practise aerial sports.

2-How did you decide to come Turkey for holiday?

I was definitely obsessed with idea to come to Turkey even till that time I knew Tugba. Several friends have already been there and absolutely recommend to visit. So, when I met Tugba she was very kind to invite me to her country I couldn’t resist, so few months later I bought the tickets to Istanbul.

3-How long have you been Turkey and which cities you have visited?

I was twice in Turkey in different cities and actually it was totally different ways of travelling. The first time was in Marmaris. It was my first time abroad without elder people, so i was looking for just for relaxation and sea resort and i could find it there. The second time I came to Istanbul with one backpack and the main reason was exploring the city, the culture and of course hanging out with Tugba. Both trips were around 5 days each.


4-Which places you have gone and liked in Istanbul?

Sure, many places, I can’t count for sure. But I claim it was magnificent with so many mosques and areas, parks. When I’m talking about the sights, the best place is Hagia Sophia. I was impressed by it and also Karakoy. I do like the cozy atmosphere of that place and live singing throughout the streets, and graffiti. You know, I definitely like everything there. However, I do admit that we were not able to visit other superb places such as the area with colorful old buildings, and all Asian part.

5- Did you like Turkish foods?

Without doubt. I do like pastries and all of those sweets. It’s kind of forbidden place for my body, coz in every place you obviously can find the bakery with turkish delights. But the case not only in desserts but about all the food that I’ve tasted, including chestnuts.

6- What did you observe about Turkish culture?

So many mosques and super delicious pastry. In any place you are able to find baking store, cafe. And when I tell any, I mean definitely in ANY place. Also I knew about leaving the shoes behind the door, we don’t have this one in Ukraine)

7-Which side is common with Ukraine and Turkey?

I think people is the main common side. Because everyone was so nice and kind, I felt like I was at home with my friends. And of course, the hospitality… so many dishes just for guests. Yeah, it’s impressed me as well as remind me visits to my granny in Ukraine)

8- Was it easy to communicate with the public?

Mostly yes. But it’s hard to evaluate, coz in many cases we just used the internet and google help.

9-How was your accommodation?

I couldn’t even think that we had a private room. I mean I was prepared to anything, even to sleep on the floor. But private room..come on, it was incredible, really))) And the location… I do love the nearest streets and all of that area. I’m so grateful for everything)))

10-How is transportation ?

I admit, Istanbul is crowded, a lot of people around you. The transportation was awesome, we can travel from different parts of the city and it was really easy to understand the station and find them. So in any place you can get by public transport and yeah, tram is superb solution to avoid terrible traffic jams in it.

11-What were the useful applications that you use in Turkey?

Don’t remember for sure, probably it was google translator and maps.

12-Did interesting events happen to you in Istanbul?

We had the meeting with locals and I do like it so much)

13-What would you say if you define the Turkey?

Turkey is different. What i mean is Turkey absolutely vary on the region and area, you can’t even compare the resort holiday in the south part with real Turkey for instance Istanbul. I think Istanbul is the heart of this country, coz you can feel the inner asian part with crowded streets, people, their emotions and also go to the europian cafes and so on.

14-How is becoming tourist in Istanbul for you?

In one word is easy. In detail, here is an excellent public transportation, a lot of cafes and restaurants, people who are willing to help you and of course lots of sights, amazing spectacular views and enormous historic places.

15-What were you thinking about Istanbul before you came? And now what are you thinking about Istanbul?

I’ve heard about Istanbul from my friends about the size of the city and so on. But it’s obviously not even close for my expectations. Also Istanbul is safe for everyone, two girls are the best confirmation of it. Actually, I didn’t think that here I was in danger or something, but my parents did, and it was the case, when they were talking about this trip is not safe for girls and blablabla. However, I and they admit it’s just the rumors nothing more)

Süleymaniye Mosque

16-Is Istanbul a place to live for you?

For now not. But I want some time to live there. I like the atmosphere and want to explore much more there, even to learn Turkish a little. Suppose, it’s one of the places where I want to come back at any time, but mostly during spring or fall season.

17-What do you offer to people who come to Istanbul?

Firstly, interact with locals in any suitable way. Do not go in as many museums as you can, if you have a lack of time, better to explore areas in Istanbul. However, pay attention for Hagia Sophia. It’s definitely worth visiting as well as visiting different mosques. Also, come to Karakoy and ​Kadikoy, ​both are charming places. And the last, but not least is come back again as soon as possible.

Thanks for your answers.. Istanbul will always welcome to you 🙂

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