I’m a peculiar mathematics engineer

Yes, I greet you with a programming language. If you ask, “who is she?” This is Tuğba. I like rainy days, enlightenment; suddenly I like to write, read and draw. I prefer coffee. I like to talk to myself on the way. Then, I also like to control whether anybody heard my monologue.

Slowness, laziness…I am bored of stopping for everything. My philosophy live life philosophy; live life intensively. In the end, we have a limited number of breaths to take… It is also necessary not to delay happiness. Mix a little bit of everything. I like diversity and difference. Let there be no road and people I haven’t be left. I would like to touch people’s hearts… “Meet good people, make the people you meet better.” This is a saying I like.

I’m a mathematic engineering student. I got on this journey of writing a blog in order to say that I am here too. I involve myself in activities so that I can feel like a common human being; have a pleasant chat within the tick-tock of the flying time.

What will happen along the way? I will improvise. I keep on moving by thinking about the near future. We will get shaped depending on the flow of life. That gives me more happiness. You will be expected to write about the book, the movie reviews, poetry, essays, psychological surveys, current affairs, the city space reviews , interviews, and of course, the sections on mathematical engineering.

Take your tea or coffee. Have an enjoyable reading…

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