Becoming Tourist in Turkey

We talked about how is becoming tourist here, what did she live in Turkey, her travelling and experiments and more.. with Shaimaa Fateem from Egypt. 1- Could you introduce yourself?I’m Shaimaa Fateem. 28 years old. Graduated from Engineering college and I work as an English instructor. 2-How did you decide to come Turkey for holiday?Every […]

Another Color of the Sky

Another Color Of the Sky Do you wake up every day with excitement? Does new things to do that make you more excited? Are you feeling strong, happy and safe? Can you handle the problems? Since you can read this article, you’re alive. It’s no surprise, is it? But do you really live the meaning […]

Interview with Mathematical Engineering Professor: Armağan Elibol

This interview is about having academic career, academics from different perspectives with Armağan Elibol. In the first part, there will be brief information about Armağan Elibol and his career. In the second part, my interview questions will welcome you. About Armağan Elibol He is a full-time faculty member (as an Assistant Professor) at Japan Advanced […]

At That Time

At That Time “Be as magical as your heart, stay as childish as you are innocent.” Be as happy as your sky, reach to people as far as the sun.  And your soul is as calm as a village. Become a tree, be a stony path on the ground, become a magnolia in the garden. […]