Another Color of the Sky

Another Color Of the Sky
Do you wake up every day with excitement? Does new things to do that make you more excited? Are you feeling strong, happy and safe? Can you handle the problems?

Since you can read this article, you’re alive. It’s no surprise, is it? But do you really live the meaning of a life? Think.. Is a life of days with regret? Is a life you limit happiness to weekends? Or is it just a life that you are only worried about? Or is it a life you’re walking on the path of your dreams? You’re in life, but which one?

Even though it may seem infinite, our time is limited in this world. Most of the time we forget a truth like death. Death is always something that happens to others. ‘Cause that’s how it happened. The end point is.. It is always called that my life has passed before my eyes like a film strip. What do you want to see in this line?

Life shouldn’t be as hard as you think. Every bad thing doesn’t happen only for you, you just don’t feel that mood. You don’t know how many of your friends are having the same things at the same time as you. Live. No, I’m not just saying that live good feelings. You must have experience emotions like negative, fear, pain, sadness. Everything can happen for you. But get back fast. Stop being a masochist and suffer yourself. Of course also to others 🙂 Your time is precious. Perhaps what would you add to yourself? You go to the sea instead of the time you choose to escape to sleep at home. You take your book and you take it to the roads, a tourist comes out. Live improvisation. Watch a new movie. Attend a seminar.

Life is a multivariate function. Sometimes you have to change on the given. Don’t wait that everything is ready. You just need to place some parts in the right place and turn the power into positive power. Because it is not somewhere outside the power to achieve all your wishes, inside!

There are many other colors of the sky. What do you say taking a stroll through own sky? Own sky, in inside.

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